Mixtape Series Vol.2 — Our Light is BRIGHT!


A woman determined to succeed in her life is unstoppable. — Luffina Lourduraj

Women of color have never had the luxury of simply focusing on women’s issues. Intersections of race, racism, and economic and social injustices have always intertwined with issues of patriarchy and sexism. We who hold feminist beliefs are also acutely aware of how our communities, broadly defined, are affected by outside forces. The issues facing women of color are too important to ignore, and if we’re going to drive into a better future, let us make sure we know who is riding with us. In this unit connect and learn from these wonderful womanists and mujeristas boldly sharing lessons as they link arms and souls.

Let’s Be Blunt with Montel Williams | Video Conversation with Bonita ‘Bo’ Money

Montel talks with Bonita “Bo” Money, Founder of Women Above Ground and NDICA, organizations that provide networking and support for people of color in the cannabis industry. Bo transitioned to the cannabis industry after a successful career in entertainment. She created the topical brand The Glass Jar and a cannabis celebrity branding and marketing company, Profit Ventures, LLC.

Learn more about NDICA (National Diversity and Inclusion Cannabis Alliance) Their work strives to create social equity, social justice and diversity in the Cannabis Industry.


Unbossed Podcast | The State of the Black Female Entrepreneur: A Heart-to-Heart with 3 Black Women Founders

Black women are a force to be reckoned with in business and some of the highest drivers of commerce. So, when you get us together in one room to discuss our entrepreneurial journeys - the outcome is nothing short of powerful. We’re excited to close out the decade with this dynamic conversation from Essence Fest 2019’s E Suite. Slutty Vegan founder Pinky Cole (@pinky907); NaturAll Club founder Muhga Eltigani (@itsmuhga); and The Lip Bar founder, Melissa Butler (@melissarbutler).


On Being with Krista Trippett | Podcast in Conversation with Sandra Cisneros

The House on Mango Street by Mexican American writer Sandra Cisneros has been taught in high schools across the U.S. for decades. A poetic writer of many genres, she’s received a MacArthur “genius grant,” a National Medal of Arts, and many other accolades. Cisneros grew up in an immigrant household where it was assumed, she would marry as her primary destiny. In this warm and lively conversation with a room full of Latinx teens, she gives voice to the choice to be single — and, single or not, to know solitude as sacred.

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