Mixtape-9 - Beauty in the Eye of the Beholder

In our 9th edition of Mixtape Series we explore beauty across multiple forms-personal strength, the beauty industry and the impact of cannabis, as well the richness of beauty in melanin skin.


Why cannabis beauty is the next frontier for the world of weed

By Funmi Fetto | Palette

Dope, weed, grass… whatever you call it, it is at the forefront of the beauty industry, with companies worldwide scrambling to infuse it into their products.

A book for melanin-rich beauties featuring products made for us, with spotlight on the disparity balance in the beauty industry. A veteran in the beauty genre Ms. Fetto was inspired to write Palette as she felt the needs of Black women were still not being met by the beauty industry. As shared with Essence “There is an unspoken idea that now darker skin tones can find their foundations, the inclusivity problem has been solved. But of course, our beauty needs go beyond ‘shade range’”

“My skin is dark and glows. It almost seems blue, and it is super soft. I realized my color is beautiful when I got out of my country (Senegal). I was in Italy on vacation, and I saw my reflection in a mirror. I saw how unique my skin was and why people stop me on the street to ask about it. I started falling in love with it.”

Khoudia Diop, model and anti-bully advocate


Beauty as Strength

Stitcher Podcast | S6E4 - Sorry by Beyoncé

The Dissect podcast continues its serialized analysis of Beyoncé’s Lemonade by dissecting its fourth chapter “Apathy,” which features the song Sorry.”

Inside the Madewood Plantation big house in Louisiana becomes the backdrop for Beyoncé’s apathetic dismissal of her partner.


LaKisha Michelle Simmons: Landscapes,Memories, and History in Beyoncé’s Lemonade

By LaKisha Michelle Simmons |

Simmons responds to Beyoncé’s recently released visual album Lemonade, exploring the historical significance of some of the settings and themes.

"The past and future merge to meet us here. What luck. What a fucking curse."

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